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The better the irrigation, the more successful the endodontic treatment Thorough cleaning of the whole root canal system considerably increases the probability of a long-term, successful endodontic treatment. Studies prove that sonic activation of antibacterial irrigants such as NaOCl and EDTA increases their effectiveness and is more efficient than simply introducing irrigant with an irrigating cannula. Sonic activated irrigation with EDDY enables highly effective cleaning of the complete root canal…

IRRI files

Product overview Videos VDW.ULTRA Ultrasonic irrigation using IRRI S

REDO tips

Product overview Videos VDW.ULTRA Removing fractured instruments with REDO VDW.ULTRA Unscrewing threaded posts with REDO


How to use VDW.ULTRA® Localising orifices with CAVI: With diamond-coated CAVI tips, dentine overhangs can be removed, a straight-line canal access can be prepared and calcified, hidden orifices can be located. It is recommended to continuously remove the dental debris which accumulates. Ultrasonic irrigation using IRRI S: Microstreaming caused by ultrasonic tip oscillation moves the irrigant into lateral canals, isthmi and ramifications – areas which are hard to reach by…