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Dental Material

Dental Materials provide from DMG & VDW & TG

Dental Equipments

Dental Equipment provide from VDW & Lares

Dental Instruments

Dental instruments provide from VDW & TG & Medic

Dental labs

Dental Labs provide from Fathermen

Welcome to El Radwan Company

For Medical Trade

We make the high quality tg brand range of Dental Materials. Our portfolio covers a wide range of applications:- Endodontics; Composites; Amalgams; Filling Materials; Cements & Liners, Disposable Dental Needles, Preventives, Temporary, Cross Infection Control, Impression Materials & other miscellaneous dental healthcare products.

Our Egyptian distribution network of subsidiaries and sales partners along with our wide range of products, guarantee an efficient and professional service for all our clients. The quality of our products and customer service is of the utmost importance to us. As a result, we continually strive to meet the highest possible standards. The high standards that we set for ourselves and our products, are not only limited to our organisation but extend to meet other requirements that our clients may have. The excellent quality of our wide range of products and competitive pricing is our primary focus, which when combined with our efficient dispatch policy assures you the best possible service.

Why El Radwan Company

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Highly trained team

In El Radwan Company, our support team are fully trained and specialize in their sections with highly trained qualifications with professionals in their fields

Extensive line of Medical services

our medical services range are extensive , with more and more tools, supplies , equiopents, material and instruments, from various suppliers

Advanced medical treatment facilities and equipment

all of our treatment facilities and equipment are highly advanced with lower cost to be suitable for all average doctors in multi sections provided

Guaranteed results and brighter smiles

your patients will be highly satisfied in using our tools and supplies & you will be satisfy also in using our products to protect your patients to keep you always safe

Our Services

Professional and highly trained

Dental Material

Dental Composites Bonding Agents Impression Materials Anesthetics Provisional Materials Dental CAD/CAM Materials Whitening Materials And More!

Dental Equipment

Dental Patient Chairs Operatory Cabinetry Delivery Systems Dental Operatory Lights X-ray Imaging Equipment Sterilization Equipment Handpieces Utility Equipment

Dental Instruments

Spatula Fox plane Willis gauge Bunsen burner Wax knife Le cron Calipers articulator wax carver face bow

Dental Labs

Dental laboratory equipment encompasses the full range of systems used for manufacturing fixed or removable dental prosthetics.


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Our Management Team

Professional and highly trained

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